100% Aircraft DH Helmet Twinblaze Chrome Red, M



Get rad and drop in with the 100% Aircraft DH Helmet's super-light construction and massive ventilation. Coming from a brand long known for its goggles and eyewear, the Aircraft is 100%'s first foray into completing the system with full-face, DH-focused dome protection and top-end materials. 100% crafts the shell using a composite comprising Carbon and Kevlar for a lightweight shell that's still strong enough to weather the bumps. 100% also claims that the helmet's 25-vent Active Cooling System provides better ventilation than any other downhill helmet on the market, so protection doesn't come at the cost of comfort. A washable, antibacterial liner adds to the comfort with stink-fighting functionality and a soft feel against the skin. At the front, an adjustable visor fends off errant branches and provides a bit of shade from the sun while a titanium D-Ring buckle frames the face and fastens to hold everything in place. For added safety, 100% includes an integrated compartment that's compatible with inflatable emergency release systems, while emergency release Cheek Pads make for quick and easy helmet removal in the event of a mishap. The Aircraft DH Helmet is also compatible with most neck brace systems. The 100% Aircraft DH Helmet comes packaged with a durable helmet case, which includes a goggle pocket.

100% Aircraft DH Helmet Twinblaze Chrome Red, M Review

I've only had this 100% Aircraft DH Helmet Twinblaze Chrome Red, M for about two weeks. I suppose I'll have to play with it some more to get the feel for it. In the meantime, it satisfies my need for a registers grilles & vents