24 Speed Oven



The Summit 24 Speed Oven (CMV24) is an incredibly versatile cooking tool. Behind its simple, elegant, stainless steel exterior lies the ability to cook as a microwave, broiler, oven, or convection oven. Its double-paned glass door and steel are easy to clean, and its digital control panel offers quick access to myriad functions. As a microwave, the unit can cook at five different powers, and works together with broiling and hot-air functions for precise control over taste, texture, and temperature. As its name would imply, the speed oven also works great as both a traditional oven and convection oven, and includes other features such as a safety lock, two-piece broiler tray, automatic functions, glass turntable. Gorgeous Design:Black trim and stainless steel design work together to create a timeless, attractive look that fits into any kitchen Versatile:This speed oven can operate as a convection oven, microwave, and broiler for maximum control over cooking Attractive and Accessible Control Panel:The oven's control panel features a digital display and digital touch controls for quick access to a boon of functions

24 Speed Oven Review

Summit has usually good products, and this oven parts & accessories called 24 Speed Oven is not an exception. It's one of best product around this price.