Easton EC70 Offset Seatpost One Color, 350mm/30.9



Easton's new EC70 Offset Seatpost was designed for those who prefer a slight amount of offset built into their carbon posts. The lightweight seatpost was constructed with the same overall monocoque carbon technique as the flagship EC90, except for the offset clamp assembly. Other than that, you receive the same innovative design and proprietary technology that's continually made Easton's carbon seatposts the preferred choice of the world's best cyclists. Easton built the EC70 carbon post with both its Relief-Area Design (RAD) and TaperWall technology. TaperWall is a manufacturing technique that applies more carbon to the wall surfaces of the post, where stiffness is paramount. Meanwhile, less material is applied to areas requiring more compliance. For the EC70, this means that you get a thinner aft portion of the post, which creates a more compliant, comfortable ride quality. However, the thicker sides provide an enhanced level of rigidity and a strong resistance to torsional flex. The RAD technology works directly with the TaperWall, essentially flattening the rear section of the post. In addition to this eliminating unnecessary weight, RAD prevents the gouging and scoring that often occurs on round posts from the binder bolt/clamp assembly. For the top portion, Easton bonded a forged aluminum head to the carbon shaft. This low-profile clamping mechanism provides 15mm of offset, which securely encloses your saddle's rails and makes fine-tune adjustments a simplified affair. The Easton EC70 Offset Seatpost is available with a Matte Carbon finish, a 350mm length, and in 27. 2, 30. 9, and 31. 6mm diameters.

Easton EC70 Offset Seatpost One Color, 350mm/30.9 Review

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