Hardy Proaxis-X Sintrix Fly Rod - 4-Piece #7/Fw Eh, 9ft



Light and limber, the Hardy 4-Piece Proaxis-X Sintrix Fly Rod elevates your saltwater exploits to ethereal. Made from a magical material, the Proaxis-X is 30% lighter and 60% stronger than its competitors. Titanium guides won't give if you're engaging a bonefish in the tantilizing tease of reeling, and the amount of power in your hands can handle a permit when you're casting shrimp flies. Even when tussling with a tarpon, this light rod stays strong and impact-resistant so you can fight the good fight without fear of ruining the rod by banging it against the boat. Sintrix is what makes fishing with this rod downright mystical. The unique combination of carbon fiber and silica nano-spheres allows this 9-foot honey to be light in your hand, supple in the fight, and precise in almost all conditions. A full well handle with a fighting butt lets you get a firm grip when wrangling spinner sharks. Fast action gives the tip some stiffness for casting into the wind or far from your boat. But, unlike other fast-action saltwater rods, the Proaxis-X is spot-on when landing your fly a mere 25 feet from the boat. In addition, this light, durable rod is capable of withstanding much higher loads than standard graphite fly rods so you can try for pike without fear of the rod faltering. The anodized two-part reel seat is ready for the Hardy Fortuna X or a saltwater reel of your choice. When it's time to fly, the Proaxis-X comes with its own storage for safe travel and easy storage in the overhead compartment, because losing your undies is nothing compared to losing what's quickly become an extension of your body.

Hardy Proaxis-X Sintrix Fly Rod - 4-Piece #7/Fw Eh, 9ft Review

I love all of product from Backcountry. When I was buying Hardy Proaxis-X Sintrix Fly Rod - 4-Piece #7/Fw Eh, 9ft in that shop, it is on my street, there are so kind assistants. Many thanks!