Mavic Carbon Rim Brake Pads Standard, Campagnolo



The one common thread between wheel manufacturers seems to be that they all incorporate their signature colors in their carbon-specific brake pads. For Mavic, this obviously means that the Carbon Rim Brake Pads are bright yellow. Mavic's insistence on innovation over the years means that it produces a dizzying array of rim braking surfaces, so we'll break it down for you here: If you ride the Cosmic Ultimate; Cosmic Carbone 40 Tubular, Clincher, or Elite; or the Ksyrium Pro Carbon SL Tubular or Clincher, then you'll want the Standard brake pads. If you've taken the plunge on the sexy new CXR Ultimate 80 or 60 Tubular Wheelsets, then you'll want the CXR brake pads. The difference between the two pad types is that the CXR pads are thinner and longer because the new CXR rims themselves are wider. Either way, though, be sure to never use normal pads or Exalith brake pads on your carbon wheels, as they will destroy the rims, void the warranty, and put you at risk. If you have any questions about pad/rim compatibility, give us a shout and we'll help you sort it out. Finally, note that the CXR Ultimate 60 Clincher Wheels have an Exalith II braking surface, which is aluminum, not carbon on, so the rims will eat these pads alive.

Mavic Carbon Rim Brake Pads Standard, Campagnolo Review

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