Motorcycle Journeys Through The American South



Great travel guides written by motorcyclists, for motorcyclists. Each book contains numerous day trips around a given area. Each trip is described in detail with a map and specific route directions, recommendations for rider-friendly restaurants, diners, hotels, interesting places to visit, and often a listing of local motorcycle dealerships in the event you have a mechanical trouble on the road. Guidebooks for places outside the U.S. contain practical information on border crossings, insurance papers, money, gasoline, navigation, medical care, and motorcycle repair. Learn the best places to eat, sleep, shop, and explore the rich history in the American South. Written by a prominent southern motojournalist, this book provides an informed sampling of what the region is today and what has defined its past. Routes covering the five-state area of Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida are often clustered around base camps where you can leave your luggage and explore a nearby area unencumbered for several days. Some of the more unique trips include: a three-day ride on the old Natchez Trace Parkway while searching for the Roxie Hole gold; a chance to sample a fried green tomato sammich in an authentic Southern juke joint; a trip to a Florida town used by pirates hiding out from the King's Navy; a visit to Elvis' birthplace with lunch at the actual unrestored Drive-In he frequented after school and the hardware store where his mamma bought him his first guitar; and a night in a sharecropper's cabin on what was once a working southern plantation. Plenty of full-color, detailed maps, photographs, and easy-to-follow directions are provided to make sure you find your way with no lost vacation time and no frustration.

Motorcycle Journeys Through The American South Review

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