Pop 'Til You Drop



It probably goes without saying, but we LOVE popcorn! It pops into our head daily, right around 3 PM a" prime snacking hour. Big and puffy or mini and hull-less. Sticky-sweet, cheesy, salted or spicy. Punctuated by bits of crispy bacon or spiked with oaky bourbon. So weave assembled one tote bag packed with four of incredible flavors. Itas an eye-popping mix of three savory popcorns (the first tossed in a seaweed-sesame seed blend, the second sprinkled with truffle-infused oil and actual white truffle, the third hit with a zesty lime sea salt) , and one super pop-ular caramel corn studded with tangy dried apple and toasty walnuts. Grab a bag and letas get it poppina!

Pop 'Til You Drop Review

Mouth ROCKS! I ordered this additional and I'm very satisfied.