Saturday Night Live Stefon Mug



Stefon was introduced in 2008, Season 34. Bill Hader plays Stefon, the flamboyant and inscrutable City Correspondent for SNLs Weekend Update with Seth Meyers, and the go-to guy for the hottest and most bizarre night clubs in Manhattan. During the live broadcast, Hader reads the cue cards cold, trying to suppress his laughter at the off-the-wall writing with his hands to his face. Each mug is made of porcelain and holds 11 ounces. They are printed on both sides with an illustration and memorable quote on reverse side. SNL branded hang tag printed on specialty kraft paper included. Quote reads: This place has everything: pugs... geishas... carnival barkers & DJ Baby Bok Choy!

Saturday Night Live Stefon Mug Review

I bought Saturday Night Live Stefon Mug for my sister and now I have to buy one for me!