Withings Activite (Black)



Step (Walking and running) , distance and calories tracking Swimming tracking Sleep monitoring (time to fall sleep, length of light and deep sleep.) Automatic detection of each mode (sports, sleep) From Infinity To Activity Since their invention in 15th century Europe, time pieces have connected Man to Infinity by measuring solar and moon movements, months, . to guide us in the understanding of our universe. At Withings, we believe that in the 21st century, time pieces should reach another level and connect us to ourselves, to our body, and its natural rhythms. Withings introduces Activite a new generation watch combining time & activity tracking The WATCH: Is a contemporary reinterpretation of classical time pieces. The perfect blend between French elegance and Swiss watch-making expertise The TRACKER: Detects your every move as part of your personal activity routine. An analogue coach that seamlessly blends your lifestyle with your wellbeing program Your personal coach monitor Withings Activite works with the Health Mate application to develop your global wellness activity plan and acts like a personal coach to help you achieve your goals. Month after month, track your results, monitor your progress and share your performance Optimize your sleep Withings Activite increases your performance by monitoring your sleep to maximize your recuperation efficiency and starts your day with a gentle wakeup vibration Make every move count Because 30 minutes of daily activity (only 2% of your day) is enough to experience the benefits of a healthier lifestyle, Activite makes it easy to achieve that goal through steps, swimming and running tracking. Timeless French Style French elegance has been renowned worldwide for centuries. True to this tradition, Withings Activite was created by a team of prestigious designers based in Paris

Withings Activite (Black) Review

I switched to Withings because I buy quality things. I will never go to any other again. Best additional I have ever owned!!!!